Marathon is a fund-raiser for non-public education that involves individual pledges being collected by students as well as a marathon day of service projects. Some of the service projects in years past have been making fleece blankets for shelters, collecting goods and packing military boxes, collecting food and supporting "Brainpower in a Backpack," and collecting, cleaning, and delivering gently used toys to the Toy Corner.

The month leading up to Marathon typically consists of weekly contests and incentives to increase and encourage pledges as well as friendly classroom competitions and more!

The school has a long and strong history of meeting and exceeding the established goal! It is important to know that every single dollar raised goes right into the operating budget of St. John's school. These fundraising dollars help provide our excellent technology in and out of the classroom, contribute to educational materials, and help with the bottom line in the costs of running and operating a private Catholic school.