St. John's School is a support-filled environment where you can always find a willingness to lend a helping hand or someone to reach out to for assistance. The Home & School Committee (H&S) is just one of those resources. H&S is made up of school parents without whom many fun events and activities for the student body would not be possible. The School Advisory Council (SAC) is the governing body for the school comprised of a select few volunteers who are chosen through an application process. These parents sit beside the school Principal, Preschool Director, and the Pastor to help dictate and direct the vision and future of the school.

The tremendous staff at St. John the Baptist Catholic School is unequivocally the best of the best! Our educators bring extensive knowledge, varying degrees of higher education, loads of continuing education hours, and commitment to the school and students. Beyond measure, St. John's is truly blessed and humbled by their dedication. A full link to see staff profiles and contact information can be found HERE.

As you know, it takes many hands to make light work. We rely on our steadfast, loyal, and true parent volunteers for their helping hands and recognize the way they continually "show up" for St. John the Baptist Catholic School in so many ways. All volunteers must follow the guidelines established for SAFE ENVIRONMENTS and can find out how to get started HERE.