St. John's Referral Program

Current families are our biggest advocate in promoting St. John’s and our #1 source for increasing student enrollment. Families who eagerly share their positive and endearing experiences that result in increased growth within the kindergarten through 8th grade, should benefit from that commitment to excellence!
We are proud to support a referral program as a "thank you" to those families that refer NEW K-8th grade students for the 2021–2022 school year. Families who do successfully refer a student/family that has a September start will receive a $500 tuition credit in October.
Current St. John’s families should be certain to tell the referred family to enter your, the referring family’s, LAST NAME at the time application for enrollment (via FACTS) is completed. This is how referrals will be credited. There is NO LIMIT to the number of families you can refer. All credits are based on successful enrollment and a student beginning school at St. John's. If a family enrolls one or more children at the same time, that counts as ONE referral credit.

For further questions, contact the school principal at 952-890-6604.