Characteristics of Excellence

Catholic education for students entering Preschool through Eighth Grade at St. John's is built on five characteristics of excellence:

 A Welcoming Christ-Centered Community
Academic Excellence
Dedication to Stewardship
Committed Educators
Opportunities to Grow and Lead



Community, like Jesus intended, extends into friendships built on faith and love that go beyond the students and into the families of St. John’s. Weekly Mass with student involvement and ownership confirms students as content leaders in their faith. Students are encouraged to live, practice, and model their values inside and outside of class.


Developing 21st-century learners through advanced curriculum and meeting students where they are at in a fast-paced learning atmosphere.
Elective and enrichment courses are designed to explore creative and challenging learning opportunities and build critical thinking skills.


Students are taught and shown that giving back is a vital aspect of our school community. Students have the chance to give to others outside and inside our school through volunteer hours, a willingness to help, and community spirit.


Our teaching staff is made up of dedicated professionals that teach a challenging and competitive curriculum by providing hands-on instruction in a supportive environment. Our dedicated teachers are committed to each individual student achieving success. Our fully accredited teaching staff participates in individual and group training/education annually.


Respect, eye contact, manners, politeness, and honor are essential parts of making an excellent leader. These lessons in civility are modeled by our staff and expected from each student. A good leader exemplifies Jesus by communicating with these positive traits. Students are pushed to their full potential as early as kindergarten with leadership opportunities like public speaking, group work, and opportunities to be the example of Christ in the classroom.