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Other easy giving option

 Text donation
Make one-time or recurring offerings by simply texting the amount you wish to give to our secure account at 833-351-0063. It's a convenient solution when you can't attend services or don't have cash or checks with you. A minimum $5.00 donation is required.

However you choose to donate, you can direct your funds in any of the following ways

Sunday Contributions
“Sunday contributions” include money from the weekly collection baskets, envelopes, online giving, etc. that is used toward daily operational costs of the parish and its many ministries, faith formation, sacramental preparation, and liturgies.
Easter/Christmas Offerings
These seasonal-specific donations are separated from regular Sunday contributions due to increased number of visitors, relatives, and guests we see at our Holy Day Masses.
Endowments Giving
Endowments are “long-term funds invested for the purpose of long-term financial stability.” The three endowments held by St. John’s are meant to serve the continuous mission and ministry of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and School now and into the future.
Parish Endowment Fund
Used to support the various ministries of our parish as well as long-term maintenance needs related to buildings and grounds.
School Endowment Fund
Used to support the mission of education, including scholarships, that will allow our school to be accessible and affordable to families seeking Catholic education.
Cemetery Endowment Fund
Used to support the perpetual care of our parish cemetery that extends back to the earliest days of the parish itself.