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"Into your hands, Father of mercies, we commend our brother/sister in the sure and certain hope that, together with all who have died in Christ, he/she will rise with him on the last day."
It would be our honor and privilege to help you at this time of great sorrow. It will be our hope that in some way we are able to make this difficult time easier for you. It is our desire to serve you in every way as you come to this tender moment. This is an important time of grief, tears, faith, celebration, and a reminder of our own journey to the gift of eternal life. Our goal is to help families "celebrate the life" of their loved ones and help say goodbyes.
Contact the parish office at 952-890-9465 during office hours to meet with our Pastoral Care Coordinator or inquire about funeral arrangements.
The emergency after-hours phone number, 763-572-4355, should be reserved for an urgent pastoral need and is not used to make funeral arrangements or inquiries.

Funeral Planning Resources

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Funeral Luncheons

St. John's Parish serves a luncheon following funeral services. The lunch is served in the Atrium and catered and served by parishioners.

Burial Information

Parish Cemetery
13203 Judicial Road
Burnsville, MN 55337
Directions to Cemetery
Interment Options Brochure
Cemetery Policies
As a part of the Church's hope and the promise of resurrection and new life through Jesus Christ, as well as our belief in the dignity of the human person called in Baptism as children of God, there is the long practice of the parish cemetery. William Byrne donated the land for St. John's Cemetery in 1854. This property is located on Judicial Road, just south of Williams Drive in Burnsville where the first parish church stood. For burial in the parish cemetery, it is required to be a parishioner of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church or formerly registered parishioner.
For more information about burial or to make a purchase, please contact our cemetery custodian, Dan Giles, at 952-457-9273.


A columbarium is an above-ground structure for interment of cremated remains. The site for the Columbarium Garden is the west end of the cemetery at the top of the hill.
  • Each columbarium has 40 single and 40 double niches for a total of 120 interments.
  • The columbaria are constructed with an aluminum frame and granite exterior.


●    St. John’s Cemetery previously offered only full-casket and infant-sized graves.
●    There are fewer than 200 unsold full-sized graves; at recent sales rates, these could be sold in eight years.
●    The Catholic Church lifted its prohibition against cremation in the 1960s; two-thirds of burials in St. John’s Cemetery in recent years have been cremated remains.
●    Income from the sale of internment niches in the first two columbaria will more than cover the total cost of the project.
●    Four of the five neighboring parish cemeteries and Catholic cemeteries offer a columbarium option for interment.
●    The columbarium option will reduce demand for full-casket graves and delay the need for developing additional graves.
●    Some grave owners may choose to sell their graves back to the cemetery and purchase niches.
●    The Columbarium Garden design and landscaping provide space for at least six additional 120-niche columbaria for a total capacity of 960 niches.
●    In the long run, income from the Columbarium Garden will enable the parish to grow the cemetery endowment which will provide funds for perpetual care of the cemetery.

St. John’s Cemetery Committee has identified several opportunities for parishioners to sponsor Columbarium Garden enhancements. Enhancements include murals, benches, a paver sidewalk and landscape plantings. 
Murals: Four murals have been carved onto the end walls of the columbaria. The murals include Jesus the Risen Lord, Mary The Mother of God, The Our Father, and the Hail Mary. 
Benches: Four granite benches will be installed around the two columbaria. The benches will be made of the same carnelian granite that will be used in the retaining wall. 
Pavers and Landscaping: Granite pavers will be used to create a walkway from the driveway around the columbaria and benches. The pavers will be rough surfaced carnelian granite. 
Sponsorship Opportunities: Opportunities for donations to sponsor Columbarium Garden enhancements include:  
  • Murals: The cost of each mural carving is $625. 
  • Benches: The cost of each bench is $1,200.
  • Landscaping and Pavers: Donations of any amount will be accepted to help cover these costs.