Stewardship helps God’s people grow in their relationship with Jesus through the use of the time, talents, and treasure God has entrusted to them.

“How shall I make a return to the Lord for all the good he has done for me?” (Psalm 116:12)

St. John's promotes the spirituality of Stewardship to cultivate intentional discipleship by providing you with opportunities to assess, reflect, pray and act. At the links below, please find practical resources to use as an invitation to Stewardship as a way of life.
Dear St. John’s Families-
As we draw to the close of a calendar year that has presented us with many challenges, I humbly ask you to renew your support for and investment in the St. John the Baptist community with your time, talents, and treasure. I acknowledge that the circumstances of your life may be very different than they were the last time we sought your support to be a steward of our community of faith. I also understand that being “All In” right now may look a little different than it used to look.
We trust in God’s abundant goodness and plan for our lives, and for the life of our parish and school community. He gave us a Church that has material needs so that we could offer ourselves back to Him in love and generosity, just like His Son, Jesus, showed us on the Cross and continues to show us in every Eucharist.
Have you come to appreciate His Church all the more this year, when for eleven weeks there were no public Masses, and the sacraments were not as easily available? Did you experience a sense of emptiness when a cherished St. John’s event or activity didn’t happen, or happened in a different way? Did you, like me, reflect on the fragility of life and the reality of the eternal life to which we are called?
All these questions point us to the need to rally together to commit to a vigorous “re-emergence” from this time of trial as a community. Can you be even more generous with your time, talent, and treasure this year—knowing that others cannot be? Can you double your commitment to being “All In,” recognizing that the life of the Church is the essential part of our pilgrimage through this troubled world? Will you have the courage to invite others into our life so that they can hear the words of our patron, “Behold the Lamb of God”? This is the spirit and life of a Christian steward; it is the mission entrusted to us when we were baptized.
I believe there are great things to come for us, and I long for you to experience the joy of being a partner in the mission of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. Please use the enclosed materials, in a spirit of prayer, to guide you in joining or rejoining this mission. May God bless you and all those dear to you.
Fr. Benjamin Little