Did you know that St. John's has a BeFriender Ministry?
BeFrienders provide pastoral care for people in all kinds of difficult and transitional situations. They are trained volunteers who extend the care of a faith community. BeFrienders provide pastoral care by providing a listening presence. 
God is present: BeFrienders are aware that they are in God’s presence when befriending someone and that the time shared is a blessing to both the person befriended and the BeFriender.
Caring not curing: BeFrienders accept people as they are without telling them how they should be, listen with compassion without giving advice, and allow others to make their own decisions with-out trying to decide for them. The care offered by BeFrienders provides an opportunity for those they befriend to make choices and grow.
Nonjudgmental presence: BeFrienders provide a sacred and safe space for someone to talk about their experiences, thoughts, and feelings without being judged or criticized.
Active listening: The value and healing potential of having one’s story heard is profound. BeFrienders actively listen by using communication skills that create an environment of respect and dignity. A BeFriender is someone who listens with compassion, accepts people as they are, respects another’s spiritual journey, and em-bodies the caring presence of God. 
Here are a few examples of how a BeFriender can be a helpful resource for parishioners. . .
• Hospitalization
• Cancer or chronic illness
• Families of deployed military
• Resident of a skilled nursing facility
• Addiction
• Post-partum depression
• Stress of being a caregiver
• Death of a loved one
• Loneliness
• Getting married or divorced
• Blending families
• “Empty nest” syndrome
• Becoming a parent or parenting challenges
• Relationship issues
• Being a victim of random violence
• Being abused or abusing others
• Imprisonment
• Relocation, job loss, or career change
• Financial worries
• Buying or losing a home
• Trauma or natural disaster
• Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia
For more information contact Beth Prendi at 952-890-9465 or at You can also read more information about BeFriender Ministry at their website www.befriender-ministry.org.

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