How can I be "All In"?

What does "All In" look like?

by Father DeGrood on January 01, 2019

The St. John's Vision is: "All In we are All In Heaven."
One of the great questions often asked about the St. John's Vision is, "What does 'All In' look like?" To answer that question, an analogy might be helpful. When we think of a sports team, we know it is important that each member gives his/her very best for the good of the team. That includes showing up for practice, giving it your all at practice, and on game days, having a great team attitude, and encouraging each other to do your very best. The analogy with "All In" means that each of us at St. John's strives to give their "All" and best effort as active members of our community. It means as members of a community we respond to God's call to fully live out our faith.

Examples of being "All In" might include these characteristics:

  • Positive attitude, open to possibility, welcoming and willing to compromise
  • Supportive of others
  • Engaged and informed; dedicated and focused
  • Objective, allowing room for all skills, ideas, and talents at the table
  • Trusting, patient, and kind
  • A God-centered attitude and willingness
  • Getting out of your comfort zone by pushing yourself or engaging in something new and different
  • Showing initiative, drive, and commitment
Being "All In" is about making a commitment to trust and follow God. Are you ready to be "All In"?