SPIRIT is an acronym for the way we instruct, model, and teach our students while at St. John's. These characteristics are ones we praise our students for embodying. These qualities allow our students to flourish and excel not only as a St. John's student, but as a whole person, prepared for life outside of this school.
Spirituality: Acting in a Christ-like manner
Politeness: Being considerate to others
Initiative: Stepping up to do something when I recognize the need
Responsibility: Being prepared and doing my best
Independence: Having faith in myself and my choices
Tolerance: Accepting the differences of others 
In a world of uncertainty, questionable moral role models, and mass media, St. John's School feels an obligation to formally teach and model "What Would Jesus Do." St. John's is committed to developing the whole child—mind, body, and SPIRIT. The St. John's SPIRIT Program encompasses good character development and manners.
The goal is to model through our relationships with one another and our ability to live out the gospel values for the common good of our school. We know we have good students—we want them to be great even when no one is watching. The S.P.I.R.I.T. program exists to showcase those students with positive peer and teacher recognition throughout the year for exemplifying the attributes identified in the acronym S.P.I.R.I.T.
Fun school fact: Our school mascot, a Charger Horse, is named SPIRIT!