St. John's is blessed with the very best faculty to love, grow, and educate your student. Below you will find a complete directory, including email links, of our competent staff.

Office Administration:

School Principal:
Phil Singewald

Preschool Director:

Michelle Dellwo

School Administrative Assistant:

Denise Williamson

School Nurse:

Nicole Theis

School Counselor:

Anna Bauer


Erin Bovee
Sue Maxwell

First Grade:

Renee Brunner
Susan Lee

Second Grade:

Kelli Hruby
Jeanine Zetah

Third Grade:

Kathi Dunn
Kristin Giles

Fourth Grade:

Becky Colwell
Lisa Rhoda

Fifth Grade:

Teresa Becker
Kathy Geis

Middle School Faculty:

Kati Diedrick (Math, STEM, & Technology)
Mary Beth Durham (6-8th-grade Religion)
Tom Emanuel (6-8th-grade Science)
Sarah Floersch (6-8th-grade Math)
Jennifer Kaster (6-8th grade Social Studies)
Erin Svihel (7-8th Language Arts/ Literature)


Jean Algren (Library, 6th Grade Literature & Language Arts)
Megan Giersdorf (Preschool, K-1st grade Physical Education)
Jan Jirik (2nd-8th-grade Physical Education)
Nancy Maupin (K-8th grade Art)
Cindy Mokos (K-5th grade Music)
Susan O'Connor (6-8th grad Spanish)
Donna Pfeiffer (Title I Services)
Kelli Porthan (K-5th grade Spanish)

Director of Lunch Program:

Bunnie Walker