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Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body composed of representatives of the entire community and shall offer counsel to the pastor in matters which affect the spiritual and educational well being of the parish as identified in its mission statement.  The Parish Pastoral Council is composed of six persons who are appointed by the pastor  in collaboration with the current Parish Pastoral council after a period of discernment.  The Parish Pastoral Council generally meets on a monthly basis.


For more information, email: ParishCouncil@stjohns-savage.org or contact: 

Father Don DeGrood




Download Parish Pastoral Council Application.


The Parish Pastoral Council establishes such commissions as it shall, from time to time, deem appropriate to meet the needs of the parish.  Commissions are specific bodies established to further the mission of the parish.  Any commission may establish additional committees to support the work of the commission.  Committees may be permanent or temporary.  The current existing parish commissions include:  Education (and underneath is REAC, SAC and their respective subcommittees), Pastoral Care, Stewardship, Worship.