Getting involved at St. John's is EASY!

The benefits of volunteering have been well documented in studies showing that it establishes a sense of connectedness as well as drastic health improvements. At St. John’s, volunteering strengthens the bonds of our community, so we make the process as effortless as possible. Every new volunteer wants to know what the expectations are, where to go for help, and have support along the way. Good news! There are tools in place to help you find exactly where YOU can fit in within our community.

Do you already know where you'd like to volunteer but just need to get connected to the right person? Submit your information below.
Volunteer Submission Form

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If you are like many others, you might not know exactly what opportunities there are at St. John's or where to begin. We have two ways to help you figure out where you might fit in. First, visit our COMMISSIONS & MINISTRIES page to see the many areas of outreach within the Parish. Secondly, to help you discern, you can fill out our volunteer involvement form. This will tell the Volunteer Involvement Coordinators where you are most interested in becoming involved at St. John's. It will allow them to put you in touch with the right people, be added to a recruitment list, or reach out when a need you are suited for presents itself.


As with any volunteer work, use your gifts as they work into your life. You do not need to give to EVERY event. We simply ask that when you do give of your time, you do so with your whole heart.

Our Parish calendar has events for winter, spring, summer, and fall. Our community is strong because of people like YOU. We encourage you to come to as many things that your schedule will allow. This kind of engagement allows you to strengthen your relationship with the Church, with the community, and with God.