Confirmation Attendance Expectations

Confirmation candidates are expected to attend all scheduled events, presentations and sessions outlined on the Confirmation preparation calendar. Three excused absences will be accepted. Excused absences are granted when the Confirmation candidate has good cause to be absent, such as illness or appointments.

This attendance policy is in place to hopefully illustrate that the journey towards Confirmation should be taken seriously and become a priority, especially during this time of preparation. That being said, we also realize there are many other events, etc. in which our Confirmation candidates are involved and these activities are just as much a part of who our candidates are as their participation in Confirmation preparation. 

Whenever possible, we would like the candidates to make preparing for Confirmation a priority by trying to attend sessions as best they can, even if it means arriving a bit late, or leaving a bit early, so they can at least get a taste of what is being presented and participate in the discussion as best they can.
If that is not possible, the candidate should take responsibility to connect with his/her catechist to let him/her know about the need to be absent and to find out what was covered. We are following the outline provided by Dynamic Catholic's Decision Point which can be accessed on line. There will be make up work . . . with the candidate completing the discussion questions for the missed topic and returning them to the catechist. The workbook can be downloaded in its entirety by going to:
Again, that being said, if the candidate's activity schedule is such that he/she is called to miss more Confirmation sessions than being present, it is recommended the candidate seriously discern to whether the journey towards Confirmation should be made at this time in his/her life. 
For more information or clarification about St. John's Confirmation Preparation, contact:
Elliut Fonseca
Youth Minister