Parish Mission

The excitement for the Parish Mission was wonderful!

I hope you were you able to attend some or all of the Parish Mission evening presentations. I was so impressed with the number of parishioners who braved the elements to make it to these enriching and insightful talks. Jon has such a gift of connecting with us through his powerful stories, practical examples, and personal testimony. I do hope that you were able to take something from his presentations that will aid in growing your personal relationship with God and deepening the way in which you live your faith life.
If you were unable to attend these presentations, I have good news to share! Jon has graciously allowed us to share the audio recordings with you for a two week time period. Please use these recordings to revisit the presentations or listen to them if you were unable to attend. Each of the audio recordings is linked below. ENJOY!
In Christ,
Father DeGrood
NIGHT ONE: Who is God and why does that matter.
NIGHT TWO: God's Dream for your life.
NIGHT THREE: Let's be Saints!